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Digital Shift

Holistically transform companies for success in the digital age

Set the goal!

  • “Digital” vision and story
  • The “Digital” holistic system
  • The “Digital” everywhere

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Create value!

  • New digital businesses
  • Customer Value Management
  • Digital enabled products/solutions

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Control the flow!

  • Digital enabled E2E-processes
  • External links and E2E value chains
  • Broad use of digital technology

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Lead to success!

  • Empowerment of digital leaders
  • Steering for digital
  • Digital organization

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Empower thinking!

  • Digital skills
  • Required “innovative” behavior and culture
  • Development paths, trainings

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Harvest insights!

  • Data architecture
  • Effective data access and use
  • Data quality

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Harness innovation!

  • Technology portfolio/development
  • Technology architectures
  • Digital platforms, e.g., IoT, API, MS

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Digital Healthcheck

The Digital Shift builds on your current situation and ongoing Digital Transformation activities. Identify your starting point with the quick Digital Shift Healthcheck. This short questionnaire will help you learn more about the maturity of your company’s digital shift.

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